19th September 2010
Welcome to brick lane curry festival

Prepare yourself for the hottest event of the year! Once again spicing up the annual Brick Lane Festival, a myriad of quality curry houses are hosting a day of events, stalls and festive treats to give you anything and everything to get stuck in to if you’re a fan of all things hot. A melting pot of culture, the festival will entice the taste buds of any enthusiast of good food.

Complemented by the music and street performances of the accompanying Brick Lane Festival, the city’s most anticipated food festival will once again attract thousands of people who want to do their stomachs a favour.

Brick Lane may be crossing every radar of art, music, fashion and pop culture as time goes on, but curry continues to be where its heart lies. The residents of Banglatown and the carriers of Indian cuisine will bloom on the streets and show their true delicious colours by offering stalls where you browse your food before you buy.

So bring your knife and fork!


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